... are just two musicians and good friends making music together .... well, since like forever :-)

The music of Noromabe is kind of instrumental movie sound track music.
No idea how to classify it other than that.
Of course there are influences of great artists like Nightwish, Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, Alan Parsons Project, Mike Oldfield, Vangelis ... and quite a few more and quite a variety of styles but all these influences are assembled into an inspired individual Noromabe style ... well that is at least what we hope :-)
Art Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Rock, Electronic Rock, Ambient Rock, .... we simply don't know a single 100% fitting name for it and ..... we do not really care.
Just listen to it and decide if you like it or not ...... that's the only thing that counts ..... and call it however you like ;-))
Here you can find some examples of the music of NOROMABE. Just give it a try!

Noromabe music on purevolume

Noromabe video clips on YouTube